Gelato Gusto Brighton

So much candy coloured goodness, I'm a real sucker for pinks and purples. Today's post is dedicated to the best place for gelato/ice cream in Brighton. I've become a real food snob lately and ice cream just doesn't cut it for me anymore, it's got to be gelato. And anyone that knows me personally will of heard me say that at least once already. "What's the difference?" they say...I actually Googled it. There is actually an explanation over on the Gelato Gusto website if you're interested. Basically it's just waaaay better. Trust. Food snob/gelato vs ice cream rant over.
Gelato Gusto serves up some amazing flavours, with new one's added each week. The place itself is really cute and nice to sit inside or outside if the sun actually decides to come out for once! I went with my mum and grandparents who also loved it. I went for a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of cookies and cream. The other flavours pictured were vanilla, salted caramel, wild cherry and lemon sorbet. My recommendation would be the dark Ecuadorian chocolate though - it's AMAZING. I would of gone for it this time but they had sadly run out. Will someone please just take me Italy so I can eat even more gelato!?


  1. Oh my, this just looks so cute! There really is nothing better than a sweet treat on a hot summers day! x

  2. Oh My that looks incredible...runs to freezer to go get icecream that doesn't look half as tasty...


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