Hello lovely people! I wanted to write this post to introduce you all to my new blog www.loislillian.co.uk - yes it's official I bought my first URL and I'm super excited about that in a bit of a nerdy way.
Some of you may know me from my YouTube channel 'Lois Lillian'...if not go check it out. Some of you might of been readers of my old blog but if you're new here then hey how ya doing?
I love doing my YouTube channel and I've been wanting to get back into blogging for a while now so I thought I'd take my time about it, write down lots of notes and give it a good go! My blog will still be mainly fashion and style based but with some added lifestyle stuff. So expect lots of food porn pictures from all my fave restaurants...I'm a bit of a foodie.
For the schedule I'm going to post once a week most likely on a Sunday and then I will also do the occasional post during the week, a bit like my schedule on my YouTube channel.
Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the all new and improved blog and you're looking forward to new posts coming soon.


  1. AH LOIS.
    I Have been long awaiting the arrive of this blog after seeing you talk about it on twitter and instagram. It is exactly what I hoped for and more! Love the minimalist theme- gorgeous.
    Cannot wait to read more of your posts.

    1. Thank you so much I'm so glad you like it! x

  2. Hi i love the look of your blog and I am excited to read more posts! I was just wonder which host /server you used to buy your domain? and would you recommend it?

    Thanks in advance


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