New In ASOS Sunnies

A whole post about a pair of sunglasses!? Yes indeed. I want to do a "new in" feature on here of just one or two items that I've picked up that I feel deserves it's own post. I may still feature them over on my YouTube channel in hauls for those that might not read my blog but I thought it would be a nice little feature.
I've been totally lusting after the round Ray-Ban's that everyone has at the moment but in all honesty I can't really afford them for the time being, plus summer is coming to an end. So I bought myself these £12 jobies from ASOS which I feel still gives the same sort of look as the Ray-Ban's but about £100 cheaper! Don't get me wrong I still want to get the real deal eventually but I really love this pair. I love ASOS sunglasses (and ASOS in general), plus I have ASOS premier which means they came the very next day free postage. A big thumbs up for me.


  1. That really is one gorgeous pair of sunglasses! I love them! x

  2. They are so nice, love them :)


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